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10 Embroidery Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers

Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers

In the world of home décor, the right design for pillow cover can instantly uplift a living space, adding personality and charm to any sofa, bed, or chair. Beyond serving as mere functional items for comfort, pillows adorned with intricate embroidery can transform decorative pillows for the sofa, bolster pillows for beds, and even outdoor pillows, into pieces of art. Embroidery, with its rich textures and vibrant colors, offers endless possibilities to infuse individuality into a room. From the plush decorative bed pillows that greet you in the bedroom to the plush outdoor pillows that embellish your patio furniture, the detail in each stitch tells a story of craftsmanship and style.

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This article delves into ten exquisite embroidery designs that promise to breathe life into your pillow covers. Each design, from the calming ‘Beautiful Blues Pillow’ perfect for your decorative pillows for bed, to the energizing ‘Neon Lights’ ideal for accentuating your decorative pillows for the sofa, has been carefully selected to cater to various tastes and décor themes. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of color, a touch of whimsy, or a statement of elegance, these ideas for bolster pillows and beyond will inspire you to transform ordinary pillow covers into masterpieces of embroidery. The journey will take you from the serene ‘Cat Nap’ design, suited for those peaceful moments, to the vibrant ‘Starburst Pillow’, adding a burst of energy to any room.

Cat Nap

Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers
Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers

The “Cat Nap” design brings a touch of whimsy and comfort to any room, featuring a delightful cat theme that is perfect for cat lovers and those who appreciate playful designs. This embroidery design is not only charming but also showcases exquisite craftsmanship, making it a standout choice for enhancing the aesthetic of pillow covers.

The design is hand-embroidered, ensuring each piece is unique and of high quality. The use of 100% cotton for both the front and back of the pillow cover, coupled with 100% wool embroidery on the front, provides a luxurious feel and durability. The intricate hand embroidery, inspired by the works of the renowned Art Nouveau artist Picasso, adds a layer of sophistication and artistic flair.

This cat nap design is part of a set that includes two preprinted standard poly/cotton pillowcases, which are easy to follow thanks to the blue ink that guides the embroidery process. The finished size of each pillowcase is 20″ x 30″, making them an ideal fit for standard pillows. This set is designed to encourage creativity, allowing individuals to choose their own colors to match their decor or follow the suggested floss shopping list included in the package.

Each pillow cover is a testament to the skill of village cottage artisans, who handcraft these covers with a guarantee of no two pieces are exactly alike. This ensures that each pillow cover is not just a piece of functional home decor but also a unique piece of art that brings a personal touch to any space.

Neon Lights

Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers
Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers

The “Neon Lights” embroidery design for pillow covers infuses a modern twist into traditional embroidery techniques. This design is characterized by its vibrant colors and dynamic patterns, which mimic the glowing allure of neon signage. Ideal for decorative pillows for the sofa or as a striking addition to a bedroom setting, the Neon Lights design can transform a simple pillow cover into a statement piece.

The embroidery work in the Neon Lights design often incorporates bright, fluorescent threads that stand out against darker fabric backgrounds, enhancing the neon effect. This method not only highlights the vividness of neon colors but also emphasizes the intricate details of the embroidery. Vaishali’s hobby creation has popularized this style, bringing a contemporary edge to classic embroidery.

For those looking to create their own Neon Lights pillow cover, it’s recommended to use a sturdy fabric that can support the dense embroidery without fraying. Following the guidance of Krista West from Ovelia Folk Embroidery, one might start by selecting an appropriately sized pillow form and cutting the embroidery fabric to match these dimensions. This ensures that the pillow cover snugly fits the form, providing a plump and full appearance.

Furthermore, when assembling the pillow cover, employing techniques such as pulling a thread for precise cutting lines ensures that the embroidery aligns perfectly with the finished product. Avalia recommends using a cushion back kit, which includes pre-hemmed sides and sewn edges, making assembly simple and efficient.

Once the pillow cover is stitched, turning it inside out carefully and using tools like a chopstick to push out the corners can help achieve sharp, defined edges, which are crucial for maintaining the structured look of a Neon Lights design. A final press to the fabric will set everything in place, ensuring that the neon embroidery stands out distinctly.

This Neon Lights embroidery design is not just about adding visual interest to a room but also about embracing modernity and brightness in home decor. Its ability to light up a room with just a few stitches makes it a coveted choice for those looking to bring some contemporary flair into their living spaces.

Beautiful Blues Pillow

Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers
Design for pillow cover

Embroidered cushion covers not only serve as beautiful decor items but also add a distinct style and personality to living spaces. They enhance any area, providing a sense of home with their timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. The Beautiful Blues Pillow embodies this tradition with its luxurious embroidery, offering both comfort and elegance.

Crafted from high-quality materials such as silk and premium cotton, these cushion covers are designed to be both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The embroidery showcases intricate patterns that embody the art of needlework, making each cushion cover a unique piece of art. This design is perfect for those who appreciate craftsmanship and want to add a touch of elegance to their home decor.

For enthusiasts interested in creating their own Beautiful Blues Pillow, Krista West of Ovelia Folk Embroidery provides a comprehensive guide. She explains the process of turning embroidery into a cushion with an envelope-style back, which is one of the easiest methods as it requires no velcro or snaps that might snag on the delicate embroidery. By starting with a pillow form and measuring it for precise dimensions, one ensures the pillow cover will plumply fill out, enhancing its appearance and comfort.

West also recommends using a cushion back kit, which comes with pre-hemmed sides and sewn edges, making the assembly straightforward and efficient. After aligning the embroidery with the cushion back, it’s a simple matter of trimming, pinning, and sewing to fit the dimensions of the embroidery perfectly. Once sewn, turning the pillowcase inside out and using tools like a chopstick helps push out the corners, ensuring they are sharp and well-defined.

The final steps involve inserting the pillow form into the snug envelope backing and adjusting it to fit perfectly. This might require some gentle but firm manipulation to get the corners right. A good thumbtooth helps settle the pillow form into place, ensuring the cushion sits nicely wherever it is placed.

By following these steps, anyone can create a beautiful blue pillow that not only enhances the aesthetic of their living space but also brings a sense of satisfaction from creating something beautiful and functional with their own hands.

Gradations Pillow Cover

design for pillow cover
Design for pillow cover

The “Gradations Pillow Cover” design offers a sophisticated approach to pillow embroidery, perfect for those who appreciate subtle elegance and intricate detail. This design is characterized by its smooth transition of colors, which mimics the gradation technique often seen in fine arts. It’s an ideal choice for adding a touch of serenity and class to any living space.

Krista West of Ovelia Folk Embroidery outlines a simple yet effective method to transform embroidery into a cushion with an envelope-style back, which is particularly suited for delicate embroidery works as it avoids the use of Velcro or snaps that could potentially snag the fabric. To start, one should select a pillow form that dictates the size of the cushion cover. Measuring the pillow form from side to side ensures that the cover will snugly fit and plump out nicely, enhancing both its aesthetic and comfort.

Using a cushion back kit, which comes with pre-hemmed sides and sewn seams at the top and bottom, simplifies the process significantly. The embroidery is laid face down and centered on the cushion back, then trimmed to match the dimensions of the embroidery, ensuring a perfect alignment. Pinning helps stabilize the fabric as it’s prepared for sewing, either by machine or by hand. A half-inch seam allowance is typically used, but adjustments can be made based on the embroidery’s edge.

Once sewn, the crucial step of turning the pillowcase inside out is performed. This is where careful attention is needed to smooth out the corners, using tools like chopsticks to gently push and define the edges. A final press is recommended to ensure that the fabric lays flat and the backing remains invisible, providing a clean, professional finish.

The last step involves inserting the pillow form into the envelope backing. This might require some maneuvering to fit the form snugly into the cover, ensuring that the corners are well adjusted and the pillow form is evenly distributed within the cover. A firm adjustment, or “thwonk,” helps set the pillow form in place, making the pillow ready for display.

This method not only preserves the integrity of the embroidery but also enhances the overall look and feel of the Gradations Pillow Cover, making it a cherished addition to any home décor collection.

Girl Power Pillow

design for pillow cover
Design for pillow cover

The “Girl Power Pillow” is a vibrant and empowering addition to any home decor, designed to inspire and uplift with its bold and meaningful design. This pillow features the phrase “Girl Power” prominently displayed, making it not just a comfortable accessory but a statement piece that celebrates the resilience and achievements of women.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the pillow ensures durability and a soft feel, making it suitable for various settings like bedrooms, living rooms, or offices. It serves as a stylish and significant accent piece that completes any room’s decor while promoting gender equality and empowerment.

For those interested in crafting their own “Girl Power”-themed pillow, incorporating vintage embroidery designs can add a unique twist. Utilizing a retro flower power fabric aligns perfectly with the empowering message, enhancing the pillow’s visual appeal and thematic depth. The design process includes detailed embroidery on the cuff of the pillowcase, where the words “Girl Power” are elegantly stitched to capture attention and provoke thought.

The creation of this pillow involves precise fabric handling and sewing techniques. Starting with the cuff fabric, it is folded and ironed to create a crisp edge, ensuring a neat finish. A temporary adhesive spray is used to secure the cuff in place during the embroidery process, which involves careful placement and stitching to achieve the desired aesthetic and message.

Completing the pillowcase requires meticulous assembly, including top-stitching and side-seaming to ensure that all elements are aligned and secure. This not only enhances the pillow’s durability but also its functionality as a comfortable and inspiring addition to any home.

By choosing to display the “Girl Power Pillow,” individuals not only enhance their living space aesthetically but also contribute to a larger dialogue about women’s empowerment and equality, making it a powerful and thoughtful choice for home decor.

Intertwined Pillow Cover

10 Embroidery Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers
Embroidery pillow cover

The “Intertwined Pillow Cover” features a stunning hand embroidery pattern that is freely available for download, ideal for those looking to enhance their pillow covers with decorative artistry. This design is particularly noted for its ornate entwined knotwork, which can be rendered in silk on white linen, creating an elegant contrast against a royal blue velvet pillow back. The addition of hand-made cording and tassels completes the luxurious appeal of the pillow cover, making it one of the most visually appealing projects for embroidery enthusiasts.

This pattern not only serves as a beautiful pillow top but also offers versatility in its application. It can be rotated 45 degrees, giving the embroiderer more aesthetic options. Whether worked in a single color, multiple colors, or subtle tones such as white on white or ivory on white, the design retains its intricate charm. The pattern’s complexity also allows for its use in other decorative projects, such as quilt squares or an embroidered ornament, making it a versatile design suitable for a variety of craft applications.

For those interested in personalizing their home décor, this embroidery design represents the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and artistic flexibility, ensuring that each pillow cover is not only a comfortable home accessory but also a unique piece of art that enhances any living space.

Floral Tile Pillow

10 Embroidery Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers
Embroidery pillow cover

The “Floral Tile Pillow” design brings a refreshing and artistic touch to any room, combining the elegance of traditional tile patterns with the intricate beauty of floral embroidery. This design is perfect for those who appreciate the fine details and vibrant textures that embroidery can bring to home decor.

Embroidery enthusiasts will find the design for the pillow cover particularly appealing due to its complex and colorful patterns, which can be adapted to various styles and preferences. The use of linen on the pillow cover serves as an excellent backdrop for the floral embroidery pattern, allowing the vivid colors of the embroidery floss to stand out beautifully. The recommended colors include large dark red flowers (DMC 3857), light pink stitches within the red flowers (DMC 950), and yellow centers of large flowers (DMC 783), among others.

To begin creating this embroidered masterpiece, one should start with the larger flowers, using a length of about two feet of embroidery floss. Then, to add depth and dimension, different colors are used for extra stitches on each petal. The process continues with smaller flowers and leaves, employing techniques like satin stitch and French knot to add texture and detail.

For those new to embroidery, this project is not only simple but also requires minimal materials, making it an accessible craft for beginners. A simple stick-on pattern can be used for ease, or for those more adventurous, a PDF pattern can be downloaded and transferred onto the pillow cover using carbon paper and a pencil.

The “Floral Tile Pillow” not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of any living space but also offers a fulfilling DIY project that results in a unique and personal home decor item.

Starburst Pillow

10 Embroidery Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers
Embroidery pillow cover

The “Starburst Pillow” design captivates with its vibrant and dynamic crochet patterns that bring a retro yet modern flair to any living space. This design features colorful floral granny squares arranged in a starburst motif, creating a visually striking effect that can instantly transform a room’s ambiance.

The crochet floral pillow cover is meticulously crafted using a blend of 55% cotton and 45% acrylic yarn, ensuring both durability and a soft touch. The high-quality yarn boasts radiant colors that remain vibrant through the seasons, making it an ideal choice for a home accessory that combines style with functionality.

For those who appreciate the charm of vintage aesthetics, the Starburst Pillow offers a touch of texture and vintage vibes, making it a cozy and eye-catching addition to sofas and couches. The dual-sided crochet work, secured with wooden buttons for easy access to the pillow inside, adds to the design’s versatility. If you prefer a different type of closure, consider adding a zipper.

This pillow cover is not only a delightful decor item but also makes for a thoughtful gift for various occasions, such as housewarmings, birthdays, and Mother’s Day. Its universal appeal makes it a suitable gift for students in college apartments, adding a splash of color and personality to their space.

For custom decor enthusiasts, the creator of the Starburst Pillow welcomes custom orders, offering the possibility to crochet the pillow in any color mixture and size desired. This flexibility allows individuals to tailor the design to their specific decor needs and preferences, ensuring that each pillow cover is as unique as its owner.

Caring for the Starburst Pillow is straightforward; it can be machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) or gently hand washed. Laying it flat to dry is recommended to maintain the integrity of the fibers and the vibrancy of the colors.

By incorporating the Starburst Pillow into your home, you not only enhance the aesthetic value of your living space but also embrace a piece of art that reflects a blend of traditional crochet techniques and contemporary design elements.

Playful Pillow Pair

10 Embroidery Designs for Beautiful Pillow Covers
Embroidery pillow cover

The “Playful Pillow Pair” brings a delightful and whimsical touch to any room, perfect for those looking to infuse their living spaces with fun and creativity. This pair features unique and lively designs that can transform a mundane space into a vibrant and inviting one, making it an ideal choice for both children’s rooms and eclectic adult spaces.

Embroidery enthusiasts and DIY crafters will appreciate the ease and accessibility of creating these pillow covers. The designs often incorporate elements such as hand-painted patterns and fabric art, which allow for a personalized touch. For instance, using techniques like fabric painting on clothes, one can achieve a custom look that is both trendy and personal.

Moreover, the Playful Pillow Pair is designed to be both functional and decorative. The use of 100% cotton and acrylic embroidery ensures durability, while features like zipper closures make maintenance easy. These pillow covers are also crafted to accommodate standard cushion sizes, typically featuring dimensions that allow for a snug and perfect fit, ensuring the pillow forms plump out nicely, enhancing both comfort and appearance.

For those new to sewing or embroidery, starting with a pillow form and measuring it to create a perfectly sized cover is recommended. This method ensures that the pillow cover will fit the form precisely, avoiding any loose or saggy appearances. The use of cushion back kits can simplify the process, providing pre-hemmed sides and sewn edges, which make the assembly straightforward and efficient. Following this, a simple pinning and sewing process will secure the pillow cover, ready for decoration and use.

Caring for these playful pillows involves simple steps such as dry cleaning to maintain the vibrancy and integrity of the fabric and embroidery. This care ensures that the pillows not only add aesthetic value to the space but also last as cherished elements of home décor.

By incorporating the Playful Pillow Pair into home décor, one not only enhances the visual appeal of their environment but also brings a sense of joy and creativity into everyday living spaces. Whether styled for eclectic tastes or themed children’s rooms, these pillows promise to be a standout feature in any interior setting.


Through the exploration of various embroidery designs for pillow covers, this article has traversed a spectrum of styles, from the whimsical ‘Cat Nap’ to the vibrant ‘Neon Lights,’ and the elegant ‘Beautiful Blues Pillow.’ Each design not only highlights the transformative power of embroidery in enhancing home decor but also underlines the craftsmanship and creativity involved in creating these pieces. The intricate details and personalized touches evident in each pattern reinforce the notion that embroidered pillow covers go beyond mere functional items; they are expressions of artistry and individuality, making any living space more inviting and reflective of personal style.

In showcasing these designs, we’ve ventured through a tapestry of techniques, materials, and inspirations that serve as a testament to the endless possibilities embroidery offers to those willing to explore it. Whether you’re drawn to the subtle elegance of the ‘Gradations Pillow Cover,’ the empowering ‘Girl Power Pillow,’ or the bespoke charm of the ‘Intertwined Pillow Cover,’ there’s a design to ignite your creativity and inspire your next project. For those eager to delve deeper into the world of embroidery or seek their next design muse, mydeardesign.com offers a treasure trove of ideas and resources to explore. Embroidered pillow covers, with their rich textures and vivid colors, not only beautify our homes but also weave stories of tradition, innovation, and personal expression into the fabric of our daily lives.



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