Top Pen Eyeliners in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Top Pen Eyeliners in India A Comprehensive Guide 1

Step up your eye game with the perfect winged eyeliner! Whether you’re going for a dramatic cat-eye or a subtle everyday look, pen eyeliners are the go-to choice for many makeup enthusiasts. With their precision tips and smudge-proof formulas, these handy tools make it easier than ever to achieve flawless lines. If you’re on the hunt for the best pen eyeliners in India, look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the right eyeliner and highlight our top five picks that will make your eyes pop. So get ready to unleash your inner beauty pro as we dive into this fabulous world of pen eyeliners!

Different types of eyeliners

Top Pen Eyeliners in India: A Comprehensive Guide
  1. The best pen eyeliners in India have a fine tip that makes it easy to create a precise line.
  2. These eyeliners are long-lasting and smudge-proof, so you can enjoy your beautiful eyes all day long!
  3. Their waterproof formula ensures that your makeup will look perfect even if you sweat or tears.
  4. Pen eyeliners are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect shade for your eyes.
  5. They are also affordable, so you can stock up on your favorite colors without breaking the bank.Check PlagiarismSave

With regards to eyeliners, there are different sorts accessible on the lookout. Each type offers a unique application experience and finish, catering to different preferences and skill levels. Let’s explore some of the different types of eyeliners you can choose from.

Pencil Eyeliner

1. Pencil Eyeliner: This classic option is perfect for beginners as it provides more control during application. Pencil eyeliners come in varying degrees of softness, allowing you to achieve both subtle and bold looks effortlessly.

Liquid Eyeliner

2. Liquid Eyeliner: For those who crave precision and intensity, liquid eyeliners are a popular choice. With their thin brush or felt-tip applicators, they offer sharp lines that stay put all day long.

Gel Eyeliner

3. Gel Eyeliner: Loved by makeup artists worldwide, gel eyeliners typically come in pots with accompanying brushes for easy application. They offer excellent pigmentation and allow for seamless blending if desired.

Pen Eyeliner

4. Pen Eyeliner: The star of our guide today! Pen eyeliners feature a convenient pen-like shape with a fine tip that allows for precise lines without any messiness or smudging.

Powder Eyeliner

5. Powder Eyeliner: If you’re looking for versatility, powder eyeliners are worth exploring. They usually require an angled brush to apply and can be used wet or dry depending on your preference.

Now that we’ve covered the basic types of eyeliners available let’s dive deeper into what makes pen eyeliners stand out from the rest! Stay tuned!

Note: Make sure to try not to utilize tedious expressions like “various sorts” or “different choices.”

How to choose the right eyeliner?

Choosing the right eyeliner can be quite overwhelming with so many options available in the market. To make the process easier, here are a few factors to consider when selecting an eyeliner.

Consider your preferred formula. There are various types of eyeliners such as gel, liquid, pencil and pen. Gel eyeliners offer great control and long-lasting wear. Liquid eyeliners provide precise lines but require steady hands. Pencil eyeliners are easy to use for beginners and offer a softer look. Pen eyeliners combine the precision of liquid liners with the convenience of a felt-tip applicator.

Next, think about your desired finish. If you prefer a bold and intense look, opt for a matte or satin finish eyeliner. For a more subtle and natural appearance, choose an eyeliner with a shimmer or metallic finish.

Another important factor is longevity. Look for waterproof or smudge-proof formulas if you need your liner to last all day without any touch-ups.

Additionally, take into account your eye shape and size when selecting an eyeliner style. Thin lines work well for small eyes while thicker lines can enhance larger eyes.

Consider personal preference regarding ease of application and comfort level with different applicator styles.

By considering these factors – formula type, finish preference, longevity requirement – along with eye shape and personal preference; you’ll be able to choose an eyeliner that suits your needs perfectly!

Top 5 pen eyeliners in India

  1. Maybelline New York Hyperglossy Liquid Liner
  2. Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner
  3. Colorbar All-Matte Waterproof Eyeliner
  4. Faces Canada Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal
  5. L’Oreal Paris Superliner Flash Cat Eye Liner

When it comes to achieving the perfect winged eyeliner or a smoky eye look, pen eyeliners are a game-changer. These handy tools offer precision and control, making it easier than ever to create stunning eye makeup looks. If you’re on the lookout for the best pen eyeliners in India, we’ve got you covered!

Maybelline New York Hyperglossy Liquid Liner

1. Maybelline New York Hyperglossy Liquid Liner – This highly pigmented liner glides effortlessly on your lids, giving you intense black color that lasts all day without smudging.

Top Pen Eyeliners in India: A Comprehensive Guide

2. Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner – With its fine tip and quick-drying formula, this liner allows for precise application and stays put even in humid conditions.

Colorbar All Matte Waterproof Eyeliner

3. Colorbar All-Matte Waterproof Eyeliner – This waterproof eyeliner is perfect for those long days when you need your makeup to stay intact. It offers a matte finish and delivers richly pigmented color with every stroke.

Top Pen Eyeliners in India: A Comprehensive Guide
Photo by : facescanada

4. Faces Canada Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal – A gel-based eyeliner pencil that can be used as both kajal and eyeliner, this product is known for its smooth application and long-lasting formula.

Top Pen Eyeliners in India: A Comprehensive Guide
Photo by:cosmetis

5. L’Oreal Paris Superliner Flash Cat Eye Liner – Featuring an innovative brush tip design, this liner makes creating cat-eye flicks effortless. Its jet-black pigment adds drama to any look.

Choosing the right pen eyeliner can make all the difference in achieving your desired eye makeup look. Whether you prefer a liquid or gel-based formula, there’s something out there for everyone.

Remember to consider factors like longevity, ease of application, pigmentation level, and whether it meets your specific needs before making a purchase decision.

So go ahead and experiment with these top pen eyeliners available in India!

How to use an eyeliner?

Applying eyeliner may seem intimidating at first, but with a little practice and the right technique, you can achieve stunning eye makeup looks. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use an eyeliner like a pro!

1. Prep your eyes: Start by applying a primer or concealer on your eyelids to create a smooth base for the liner. This will help the product glide on easily and stay in place throughout the day.

2. Choose your eyeliner type: There are various types of eyeliners available, including pencil, liquid, gel, and pen liners. For precise application and ease of use, pen eyeliners are often recommended.

3. Hold it right: Grip the pen liner just like you would hold a regular pen or pencil – between your thumb and index finger. This gives you better control over the strokes.

4. Begin from the inner corner: Start by lining your upper lash line from the inner corner of your eye towards the outer corner. Use short strokes for more accuracy.

5. Wing it out (optional): To create that classic winged eyeliner look, extend the line slightly past your outer corner towards your brow tail.

6. Connect lower lash line (optional): If desired, connect the wing to your lower lash line with another small stroke or leave it as is for a more subtle look.

7. Set with powder (optional): To prevent smudging or fading, lightly dust some translucent powder over your liner using an angled brush.

8. Clean up any mistakes: Don’t worry if you make any errors while applying eyeliner; simply dip a cotton swab into makeup remover and gently correct any smudges or uneven lines.

Remember that practice makes perfect when it comes to mastering eyeliner application! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and techniques until you find what works best for you.



Choosing the right eyeliner can make all the difference in achieving that perfect winged look or a subtle, everyday definition. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the best pen eyeliners in India. However, after careful research and consideration, we have narrowed down our top 5 picks for you.

When selecting an eyeliner, consider factors like pigmentation, longevity, ease of application, and smudge-proof formula. Our top recommendations include Maybelline New York Hyper Sharp Liner – Matte Black for its intense black color and precise application. L’Oreal Paris Superliner Superstar Duo Designer is another great choice with its dual-ended feature for versatility.

If you prefer a waterproof option that stays put all day long, Faces Canada Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner is worth considering. For those who enjoy experimenting with different colors and finishes, Colorbar All-Matte Eyeliner – Ebony Black offers a velvety matte finish in various shades.

If you’re on a budget but still want quality performance, Lakme Insta-Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner fits the bill perfectly with its affordability without compromising on quality.

Remember to use these pen eyeliners correctly by shaking them well before application and starting from thin lines close to your lash line before building up thickness gradually. Always allow time for it to dry completely before opening your eyes fully or applying mascara.

In conclusion (not stated explicitly), finding the right pen eyeliner can enhance your eye makeup game effortlessly. Whether you are going for a simple everyday look or aiming for bold cat-eye wings – there is an eyeliner out there waiting just for you! So go ahead and explore these top pen eyeliners available in India today!



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